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I wanna cat!

Since I started playing WoW, I’ll admit it, I’ve fucked up on a few occasions. I like cats, and the first character I picked when starting WoW was a Dwarven Hunter. This was in the first flush of excitement, before I had thought out the full details of what I wanted to do. I got Broken Tooth as a hunter pet, and a little pet cat, but then I found out I don’t like hunters, and the bloody cat mount was restricted to the Night Elves. I went right off the game, until I started playing again with Seamus and the lads on Hellscream.

Only, they play Horde. ARRRRRGH!

I have started another toon on Turalyon, but this time I went and chose a Human Rogue. I’ve been asking myself over the last few days why the hell I did that, and basically it was because I was advised by a vastly more experienced player that if I wanted to play a rogue, I should choose a human, as it was well suited. I got him up to level 10, and now another mate has joined up to level a bit. So if I want to get my cat mount, I’ll need to get Exhalted with Darnassus. And that sure looks like a whole lot of fun…. NOT 😦
Well, bugger the whole thing! I don’t care that a human is a better rogue. I want the damned cat mount. So tonight, when I go back, I’m making a darned night elf rogue, and that’s that!


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Now we have to do another email test

Ok, we’ve fixed our server time – it seemed to think it was an hour
in the past. I’ve also fixed it so that it is using NTP to set the
time. Fairly painless overall.

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Second email post – does this shizzle work?

Seems to be an hour delay dunno why

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First email post – does this shizzle work?

Ok, wonder how long it will take for this post to appear.

Posting at 12:29:10

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OK, that was fairly painless … touch wood

Just moved over to WordPress blog software, hopefully it will cut down on the stupid spam comments…

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