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Going to New York for Christmas!

Yay, me and me Mum are going to New York for Christmas!

I bought New York City (Lonely Planet City Guides) from Amazon, and it arrived a couple of days ago. It’s nearly scary reading the book, so much to see, so much to do.

The thing I am not looking forward to is the Cold – New York in midwinter .. Brrrr!

Personal Note – Remember to buy a hat!

I’m waiting for cash to hit my credit card so that I can pay for the rooms. We have a very nice hotel picked out, and I got a good deal. Here’s hoping my credit card wakes up before the deal expires.

Crosses fingers
Touches wood
Turns thrice widdershins
Jumps up and down

There. Hope that works 🙂

19th March – It did! Yay I got the rooms nice and cheap yahoo! 🙂


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Har har har – Snacky roolz … :)

This is just too funny 🙂

Gnome bits … ouchy!

Some of the camera work in this is very good. Dunno how they do it!

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My Jambalaya Recipe

Just posting this here so I don’t lose it … again!

This is my Jambalaya recipe. It works really well, and is great for party food. Takes about 30 minutes to prepare and do the initial cooking, and then it takes care of itself.

Also, make more than you need, so you can leave the remainder to sit until the next day. It is amazingly good the next day, just like curry and pizza 🙂
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