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Fun and games for the trip to New York

Yeah, yeah, call me a procrastinator. (how rude!)

I decided that today would be a good day to check that all my ducks were in a row for the trip to New York (wahey), and they are, thankfully. Just got off of skype with the hotel to confirm our booking. I was having nightmares about turning up and having them say “who da hell is you?” </bad_fake_ny_accent>.

Anyway, that’s all fine, and the hotel in Dublin is fine, and the flights are fine.

The only thing, the one little duckling that’s kinda swimming at an angle, is the set of coupons for savings that I bought for the trip. It was an online thing, and I had been going online looking at them during this past year, and giggling gently to myself over all the stuff we are gonna do. So I went online today to start printing off a few, as we might have difficulty printing them off over there, and the thing says on one side of the web page that “You have printed 0 coupons” and on the other it says “You have no coupon printings left” !!!

Since the site was obviously having split personality issues, I rang up the customer support number and got through to a very nice lady called Jaynie, who was, unfortunately, unable to help me. She really did try her best (props to Jaynie) but we couldn’t get anywhere. So, at the end she has escalated it to a higher level, and they are supposed to get back to me within 72 hours. I hope they get it sorted out, there were some smashing deals available.

Anyway, gotta go and cough me lungs out for a bit now, damn tickly cough. Stay tuned for further developments!


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Four Hands Guitar

Saw this today on the J-Walk Blog. This is really cool, and a nice song to boot. They also look like they are having so much fun!

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Excellent and Inspirational.


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Just for Dalton ….

Yeah, I do still update the blog from time to time … Here’s that good Hunter article I was talking about at lunch today, and a bonus – a nice endgame hunter build as well.

So nyaaah!

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