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OMG Epic Fail :)

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Just in case thread ever gets deleted…

* 0. How Not to Apply for a Guild | 11/02/2008 17:38:11 UTC

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16:03 [******]: Hey mate.
16:03 [******]: I’d like to have a conversation with you and the guildmasters + officers in your guild.
16:03 [Aphetoros]: you can talk to me Smile
16:03 [******]: About me becoming one of the main raidleaders and officers in respect.
16:04 [******]: No, just arrange the meeting please, easier to talk with all on ventrilo sametime Wink
16:04 [Aphetoros]: we have a raidleader
16:04 [******]: two Raidleaders wont hurt
16:04 [******]: or me as mainraidleader.
16:05 [******]: You might think now; jesus who does this guy think he is; then I say; Well mate, I’m one hell of a serious and loving guy that loves to progress and be part of guilds.
16:06 [Aphetoros]: I’m the GM – but if you want to join the guild you can apply
16:06 [******]: lol.
16:06 [******]: Mate
16:06 [******]: You don’t know me
16:06 [******]: I have 6 lvl70’s
16:06 [Aphetoros]: tbh – I appreciate your confidence – but you’re right i don’t know you
16:06 [******]: Including Full epic resto shaman
16:06 [******]: full tier6 rogue
16:06 [******]: on Silvermoon
16:07 [******]: I’m trying to say; I have experience, I was guildmaster in one of europes best guilds,
16:07 [Aphetoros]: which one?
16:07 [******]: I do not do applications, thats for people that wanna join us,
16:07 [******]: ****** on kazzak
16:07 [******]: PVP
16:07 [******]: Illidan dead
16:08 [******]: I talk with people and take my applications via Teamspeak / Ventrilo.
16:08 [******]: Easier for both parts.
16:09 [Aphetoros]: I’m sorry – I hate to be rude – but you sound too much like a primmadonna … even *i’ve* filled in the application and I’m the GM .. I’d never have anyone in who didn’t want to play by the guild’s rules. it’s just far too divisive
16:10 [Aphetoros]: you may be an excellent player – and we do need healers – but i couldn’t have someone in with that kind of attitude – everyone follows the rules
16:10 [Aphetoros]: I’d love for you to apply though
16:11 [******]: So let me get it right; You want me to make an application and wait for some random guy to say: Hmm, we need a holy pala + resto shaman then I have to wait 2weeks to become invited and then I have to raid for 3years without being able to receive any DKP
16:11 [Aphetoros]: have you read our guild rules?
16:12 [******]: No I havent, but you said it yourself, Your lacking healers, you will never get anyone if you just say; “shut up, make an application” I dont care about you, if you dont apply.
16:12 [******]: That attitude isnt gonna get you progamers or atleast HIGHLY skilled players.
16:12 [Aphetoros]: I didn’t tell you to shut up
16:13 [******]: You tried to in a discreat way.
16:13 [Aphetoros]: Smile I assure you that was not my intention
16:13 [******]: I asked you friendly if we could talk on ventrilo, about me and the guild, and you just gave me the finger and pushed me away :s
16:13 [******]: I love “Respect” the guild.
16:13 [Aphetoros]: Smile no that’s not what happened at all
16:13 [******]: I love that they manage so well.
16:14 [******]: But If I apply, I apply to become a member,
16:14 [******]: I’m not born to be a member only, I was born to lead an army to victory.
16:15 [******]: I was born to love my fellow guildmembers and be a part of the guild as an officer or leader in some sort.
16:15 [******]: As I have had my own guilds so many times
16:15 [******]: all having SSC/TK/MH on farmstatus
16:15 [******]: within sometime.
16:15 [******]: This might be hard for you to understand, I understand that.
16:16 [******]: But I wasnt born to be a member or recruit, I know everyone has to start somewhere.
16:16 [Aphetoros]: so tell me why you’ve picked our guild?
16:16 [******]: I see future for the guild.
16:16 [******]: I could have joined anyother guild
16:17 [******]: but I see something in Respect.
16:18 [******]: This is only my alt, almost full tier4 holy paladin.
16:18 [******]: almost full epic (11k mana unbuffed etc)
16:18 [******]: Holy specced, (full holy)
16:18 [******]: My main is full epic RESTO shaman, with insane mana.
16:19 [Aphetoros]: who is your main?
16:19 [******]: How come you ask?
16:19 [Aphetoros]: well you were planning on coming with your main weren’t you?
16:19 [******]: I just migrated here 2days ago Smile
16:19 [******]: So armory isnt up.
16:20 [******]: This is gonna be my main, but I will gladly join all raids with whatever we need Smile
16:20 [Aphetoros]: who was your main then? it will be cached
16:20 [******]: 70 Resto Shaman
16:21 [Aphetoros]: on Kazzak PVP?
16:21 [******]: no her
16:21 [******]: I migrated it here
16:21 [******]: Smile
16:21 [Aphetoros]: what was the name on Kazzak?
16:21 [******]: my “EX MAIN” is full tier6 Warrior.
16:22 [******]: My old name was ********** on Grim batol PVP
16:22 [******]: my name now is ********
16:22 [Aphetoros]: ahh … i see what you did there
16:22 [Aphetoros]: and how old are you?
16:23 [******]: I’m 19 Years old from Denmark and Norway.
16:23 [******]: I have lived in many countries so I speak many languages fluent Wink
16:23 [Aphetoros]: ahh … we have an agelimit of 21 – but if you apply we can certainly consider you
16:23 [Aphetoros]: we’ll consider exceptional applications from anyone
16:23 [******]: [http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Silvermoon&n=********]
16:24 [Aphetoros]: i’ll look that up in a bit – but maybe you could link it from your application?
16:24 [******]: Well mate, by applying I only become a member. This is not what I wanna become.
16:25 [Aphetoros]: actually you’d start as a “New Member” – then we’d promote you to member after good performance in a few raids
16:26 [******]: Thank you for the good information >.>
16:28 [******]: You might find me a bit uniq, but i’m the one saying the truth, no someone sitting here pretending im someone else, just to enter a guild.
16:31 [******]: I know some people in Respect, lieing to enter the guild.
16:31 [******]: Lieing to you and everyone else.
16:31 [******]: But Who am I to judge.
16:31 [Aphetoros]: Who?
16:32 [******]: I will not say their names, maybe one day if I ever joined Respect, but I’t doesnt seem like your very interested in a full epic Resto and Holy paladin imo.
16:32 [Aphetoros]: actually we arr very interested in both
16:32 [******]: You dont seem like it.
16:33 [******]: You seem like your complete uninterested in both classes, after the talk we had :/
16:33 [******]: Or Maybe just me.
16:33 [Aphetoros]: not true – but i’m not going to argue the point iwth you – i can tell you that nobody gets in without an application
16:34 [******]: tbh, I’m not so much up for making an application and waiting 1week to see if I get decliened or accepted. You feel me?
16:34 [Aphetoros]: well then you’ve made the decision haven’t you?
16:35 [******]: There is so much to TELL YOU, But I cannot write it in a application.
16:35 [******]: You dont understand for christ sake.
16:35 [******]: Thats Why I wanted to gather all officers+leaders.
16:35 [******]: Or atleast you.
16:36 [Aphetoros]: can you not /w it ?
16:37 [******]: Thats enough now, I’m not wasiting my time on you and your problems being on ventrilo for some min’s talking about a insanely nice healer joining.
16:37 [******]: Goodbye and I wish your guild a goodluck killing Hogger
16:38 [Aphetoros]: you don’t sound nice at all – and wasn’t that you who stole all that loot from a***********?
16:38 [******]: Stole? Or won the loot?
16:38 [******]: You wasnt there so I guess you dont know anything agian.
16:38 [******]: Agian your the weaker part, trying to be “all knowning”
16:38 [Aphetoros]: dunno – from the screenshot you ninja’d 3 pieces of loot
16:38 [******]: You scatter weakness, not a good sign.
16:39 [******]: Ninjaed? Or Just took because no one else needed and all had tier5?
16:39 [******]: gg
16:39 [Aphetoros]: except that other pallie who wanted it
16:39 [******]: The paladin had it you “smook”
16:39 [******]: read the forums .
16:41 [******]: I see how a person you are
16:41 [******]: and It clearly shows how immature and how “newbish” your and fellow members are.
16:42 [******]: Good luck with your guild, and do not contact me anymmore.
16:42 [Aphetoros]: you cantacted me
16:42 [******]: Goodluck eating fish tonight
16:42 [******]: Because I tought you were someone else
16:42 [******]: and your just an *** like all else.
16:43 [Aphetoros]: i’m sorry – you’re right – i’ve been a jerk
16:44 [******]: No need to excuse, just please go away, I do not like talking with unserious people.
16:45 [******]: I tried being nice but appreantly your just a **** like everyone else.
16:45 [Aphetoros]: you’re right – i’ve not been nice at all
16:45 [******]: Please be quiet mate, and act like a grownup if you are even,
16:45 [Aphetoros]: i normally try to be a better person than that
16:46 [******]: I thought you were someone else
16:46 [******]: but your not
16:46 [Aphetoros]: but i was rude and impolite
16:46 [******]: Mate, I know your not serious and your just saying it for some strange reason to have fun
16:46 [******]: so please just be quiet.
16:48 [Aphetoros]: No … I really am serious – I am trying to apologise – please take this to be my sincerest apology and I won’t bother you again.



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