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Say No To All on File Replace

This is something I wish I knew years ago.

From Online Tech Tips:

Say No To All“Ever had to copy a bunch of files from one location on your local hard drive to another place with a lot of files with the same name? Well there are really only two options that you have when there are files with the same name: either replace the destination files or leave the destination files as they are and only copy the new files. 


Luckily, there is still a stealthy way to tell Windows not to overwrite all the files with name conflicts and thereby skip them over. You can create this “No to All” functionality by simply pressing and holding the SHIFT key when you click the No button in the Confirm File Replace dialog box.” 

I like that a lot, Hank 🙂

via Lifehacker 


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And another one to try – this is apparently like the old game Cannon Fodder, with the addition of Aliens, UFO’s and a bit of humour.

Sounds good to me 🙂



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Trilby: The Art of Theft

This looks like a fun game, actually. Must download it at home and give it a bash. I wish I could remember which arcade game this reminds me of, though.


The Art of Theft

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Garlic Mashed Potatoes

God this recipe sounds good – from Aces Full of Links 

Mmmm om nom nom nom.

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Advice for freelancers.

I don’t do a lot of freelance work, but I do some.

This article has some very good advice if you’re thinking of going down the freelance road.

10 Absolute “Nos!” for Freelancers  

The biggy for me is Number 3) Will you register and host my site? No. 

You see, once the client thinks that you are responsible for their email and website functionality, you WILL get called all the time when their email shows the slightest wavering or their website 404s for any reason on their home computer.” 

True dat.

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Where do penguins go in the Winter?

Well, it’s obvious really.

See? Makes perfect sense 🙂

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Om nom nom nom!

The Saltine Challenge 

Basically, eating 6 Saltines (a type of cracker) in 60 seconds. I haven’t tried this myself, and it seems to be one of those things where you say, “nah, it can’t be that hard can it?”. I’ll have to see what the equivalent of Saltines is over here, and give it a bash.

Purely for research purposes, of course.

Via J-Walk 

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Kites pulling Supertankers?!

This is a bloody good idea, actually, save some fuel and get the wind to help power your ship. The kite is apparently the size of a football field.

Skysail“The SkySails system consists of a towing kite with rope, a launch and recovery system and a control system for the whole operation. The control system acts like the autopitot systems on an aircraft, the company says. Autopilot software sends and receives data about the sail etc to make sure the sail is set at its optimal position. The company also says it provides an optional weather routing system so that ships can sail into optimal wind conditions.The kites typically fly at about 1,000 feet above sea level, thereby tapping winds that can be almost 50% stronger than at the surface. “ 

Via /. 

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Just to say …

I will be posting a few backlogged entries over the next few days.

I have a whole load of entries starred on Google Reader. It would be cool if when you starred an article it would ask for a comment, and then allow you to post that automatically to your blog. Not that I am terminally lazy or anything.

BTW, Ecto rocks. A version for windows is available too.

Ecto running on a Mac 

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Awww shucks!

This is just too cute!


Via Ursi’s Blog 

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