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Back in the Gym again

Took the plunge (literally) and joined the Gym in the Tower *sneeze* Hotel again. €320 for 6 months – this makes the third *sneeze* (possibly 4th) attempt at joining the gym I’ve made, and I think I went maybe 12 *sneeze* times in total over those three attempts, so it was mighty bloody expensive.


Think the chlorine is making me sneeze 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to keep track of progress here on the blog for those that are interested.

Session Report

25 m pool
1 x 4 lengths – gasping after each set of 2.
Jacuzzi 5 mins
1 x 4 lengths – another gasping session after each set of 2.
1 x 2 lengths – and that was enough.
Floated for about 5 minutes (magic – not often I get to feel weightless!)
Sauna 10 mins – lovely new sauna

Current statistics

Weight – 26 stone or thereabouts – I’ll try and get a more accurate figure when I can find a big enough machine
Visits to Gym – 1
Cost per Visit – €320 – It costs €10 for a single session in the pool, so my aim is to get this cost down below that before I have to renew.


July 5, 2009 Posted by | Weightloss | 7 Comments