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Another day, another swim

Went swimming again.

Seamus tagged along, we used up one of my complimentary tickets.

1 x 4 lengths, gasping
1 x 3 lengths, gasping.

10 minutes in the steam room, and 10 minutes in the jacuzzi. Really warm now 🙂

Visits to Gym – 8
Cost per Visit – €40

Planning on going again on Tuesday 🙂


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Swimming and Horrible Numbers

If I thought I was utterly smashed last time, this time I am in little bitty pieces.

Been too long since I was last at the gym, going to have to stop that

1 x 4 lengths, felt like I was dying.
1 x 2 lengths, dead

At this point I started paying attention to the instructor who was teaching a lady in the next lane, and saying that she should slow down her stroke in order to breathe properly. I thought, hmm, maybe that would work for me.

1 x 4 lengths, not dead.


Jacuzzi 10 mins – that was really really nice.

It was actually the walk back to the flat from the gym that nearly did me in 😉

Visits to Gym – 7
Cost per Visit – €45.714285714285714285714285714286 (Um, is that a little too precise?)

Another little trick that I am going to try is planning what my next visit to the gym is going to be. If I’m still a zombie on Monday, I’ll wait until Wednesday. If I’m only dead-ish, I’m going back on Monday.

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