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President Elect Barack Obama

‘Nuff Said.


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Garlic Mashed Potatoes

God this recipe sounds good – from Aces Full of Links 

Mmmm om nom nom nom.

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My Jambalaya Recipe

Just posting this here so I don’t lose it … again!

This is my Jambalaya recipe. It works really well, and is great for party food. Takes about 30 minutes to prepare and do the initial cooking, and then it takes care of itself.

Also, make more than you need, so you can leave the remainder to sit until the next day. It is amazingly good the next day, just like curry and pizza 🙂
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Ebay sucks sometimes…

My phone (a Nokia Communicator 9100) was dying, so I thought I’d go along to Ebay to replace it. I found a nice Nokia Communicator 9500 (local mirror – removed – funny story, my local mirror of the phone’s ebay page was picked up and thought to be a phishing attack! lols, anyway, removing all links to the content (boring anyway) and killing the files. wow. fun times. heart rate subsides) and won it for STG£155. I paid the money immediately with paypal, and waited for the phone.

And waited.

And waited.

I did a little research, and it turns out the seller, 2004kares, had bought the phone on the 7th of May for STG£205 (local mirror), so I think *crap*, he’s going to stiff me rather than take the hit. So I get his contact details from ebay and start calling.

And calling.

And calling.

Eventually, after multiple phone calls he sends me the phone, and a refund of STG£10 because of the delay. Fine, I think, we’ll get the phone.

So the phone arrives in the post.

And it’s busted. Completely.


I brought it along to the local Nokia Center to have a look at it, and basically it is completely fucked. It was dropped at some point in it’s life, and the fascia came off. All it needed to fix it was to have two little metal clips bent back, but instead of doing that, some loon had used SUPERGLUE(!) to repair the phone. Ever notice than when using superglue there is a horrible stink? Thats because of the SOLVENTS in the glue. The solvents that went through the phone and FRIED the fucking thing. Now I don’t know who superglued the phone, but I do care that the damn thing was sold to me on Ebay. Some people are just dishonest to the core.

I’ve put in a claim with paypal, because he is not answering his mobile anymore, and his work says he is no longer there.

This blows 😦

What the hell are you supposed to do when this happens? I’m out STG£145 plus postage, and I have no bloody phone.

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Finally joined the gym …

Me mates got me a gym membership for christmas, and I just went for the first time. I’m pretty overweight, and earlier on in the year I was nervous about going because my knees are in bad shape, and I literally did not want to get stuck in the pool and be unable to climb out. Since then I’ve lost 3 stone and my knees are a little more cooperative.

No worries, thankfully. I hopped in and hopped straight out. Actually, the word “hopped” is probably giving the wrong impression, it was more of a lumber. Anyway, I swam a few laps (ok 4) and had a run through the jacuzzi and the steam room. lovely.

Heading back in tomorrow for another little trip. Nothing too long or strenuous, better not burn out 🙂

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