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I love this!

I love this – just got it set up here in work.

Hack Attack: Control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse

You don’t need a hardware switch to share one keyboard and mouse amongst several different computers. All you need is the free, cross-platform application, Synergy.

Synergy connects one keyboard and mouse to any computer on your network, making a dual- or triple-computer setup work more like a dual- or triple-monitor setup. Synergy even allows you to share clipboard data across your computers and operating systems.


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Say No To All on File Replace

This is something I wish I knew years ago.

From Online Tech Tips:

Say No To All“Ever had to copy a bunch of files from one location on your local hard drive to another place with a lot of files with the same name? Well there are really only two options that you have when there are files with the same name: either replace the destination files or leave the destination files as they are and only copy the new files. 


Luckily, there is still a stealthy way to tell Windows not to overwrite all the files with name conflicts and thereby skip them over. You can create this “No to All” functionality by simply pressing and holding the SHIFT key when you click the No button in the Confirm File Replace dialog box.” 

I like that a lot, Hank 🙂

via Lifehacker 

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Advice for freelancers.

I don’t do a lot of freelance work, but I do some.

This article has some very good advice if you’re thinking of going down the freelance road.

10 Absolute “Nos!” for Freelancers  

The biggy for me is Number 3) Will you register and host my site? No. 

You see, once the client thinks that you are responsible for their email and website functionality, you WILL get called all the time when their email shows the slightest wavering or their website 404s for any reason on their home computer.” 

True dat.

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When installing NMS TFMail Autoinstall…

During the install of NMS TFMail Autoinstall, it is important, I mean REALLY important to pay attention during the install process when it tells you, in red text no less, that the email address you enter for postmaster must be valid. Not as in “Oh, I’m sure that that email is valid, of course it is, I won’t bother to check”, but as in “Actually Being Valid Since I Actually Checked It IS Valid”. Because, if it isn’t valid you get

“Application Error
An error has occurred in the program

close sendmail pipe failed, mailprog=[/usr/bin/sendmail -oi -t] at (eval 6) line (something)”

acting all innocent like it was you setting the wrong path for sendmail, even though you set it right, and even though you spent AGES* checking that it was set right, and reinstalling multiple times, and screaming a lot.

If you are using TFMail Autoinstall, doublecheck that you have supplied a valid, working email address for the Postmaster during the install.

*AGES is a very very long time**.
** whimper.

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