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OMG Epic Fail :)

From http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=2843524485&sid=1&pageNo=1

Just in case thread ever gets deleted…

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Peddlefeet is proving elusive

Did the quest on all my characters, and the mage / level 1 orc double box 30 times, still no Peddlefeet – we’ll keep trying.

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Another pet to farm for.

I want to get the Truesilver Shafted Arrow to get Kwee Q. Peddlefeet.

The method here seems quite good – Farming for Peddlefeet. I’ll see how it goes.

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Just for Dalton ….

Yeah, I do still update the blog from time to time … Here’s that good Hunter article I was talking about at lunch today, and a bonus – a nice endgame hunter build as well.

So nyaaah!

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Stupid Forum Trolls

I hate the plonkers who keep trying to register on my WoW guild forum, because we have it set to moderated memberships, and this is noted in the application form. What kind of moron marketer thinks that I am going to approve their membership, especially as they register with homepages like fuckbunnies.spamsite.com. I mean, come on! 😦

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Har har har – Snacky roolz … :)

This is just too funny 🙂

Gnome bits … ouchy!

Some of the camera work in this is very good. Dunno how they do it!

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wowxfers.png (PNG Image, 1680×2300 pixels)

wowxfers.png (PNG Image, 1680×2300 pixels)

w00t – realm to realm transfers may be happening! This seems to be legit, but who knows…

It’s linked off of metroblogging azeroth, and there seems to be some corroboration.

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About Crypt’s Guides (Read First) – The Warlocks Den

About Crypt’s Guides (Read First) – The Warlocks Den

This is an excellent guide for levelling a horde character. It is biased towards the Warlock, but it is very useful for any horde character.

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I wanna cat!

Since I started playing WoW, I’ll admit it, I’ve fucked up on a few occasions. I like cats, and the first character I picked when starting WoW was a Dwarven Hunter. This was in the first flush of excitement, before I had thought out the full details of what I wanted to do. I got Broken Tooth as a hunter pet, and a little pet cat, but then I found out I don’t like hunters, and the bloody cat mount was restricted to the Night Elves. I went right off the game, until I started playing again with Seamus and the lads on Hellscream.

Only, they play Horde. ARRRRRGH!

I have started another toon on Turalyon, but this time I went and chose a Human Rogue. I’ve been asking myself over the last few days why the hell I did that, and basically it was because I was advised by a vastly more experienced player that if I wanted to play a rogue, I should choose a human, as it was well suited. I got him up to level 10, and now another mate has joined up to level a bit. So if I want to get my cat mount, I’ll need to get Exhalted with Darnassus. And that sure looks like a whole lot of fun…. NOT 😦
Well, bugger the whole thing! I don’t care that a human is a better rogue. I want the damned cat mount. So tonight, when I go back, I’m making a darned night elf rogue, and that’s that!

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